Creating Your Own Raised Flower Bed

It’s important to not only water your plants but give it the proper place to fit. You can create your own flower bed to help it better receive the soil and hit the sun. It’s a great project to do during the Spring to prepare for a hot summer. This way you’ll get as much sunlight as possible and help to create a more fruitful flower bed.  Here are some steps to help you create your own raised flower bed.

Advantages of a Raised Flower Bed

The great thing about a raised flower bed is the elevation. This helps you not bend and stoop so much. Gardening can be physically demanding and really tire out your knee and back. Another advantage of a raised flower bed is the good draining process. Instead of being stuck in heavy clay, you can get your own soil by creating a compost that you choose. This way you’ll help the elements work better with the flowers. Additionally, your flowers will be less susceptible to weeds. All you need to do is lay a tarp down or a weed cloth to prevent these pesky nuisances from growing in your garden.

Getting the Right Pieces to Set Things Up

 You can either buy a kit with all the right pieces or just build it straight from scratch. The kits are pretty straightforward. Think of it as an adult LEGO construction. All you do is lay the pieces out; put the corner pieces in, so you know where everything lies.  Take your corners and start to slide the boards between. This is a very simple process that doesn’t require too much work. However, if you have a handyman out there, he can set it up fairly easily. The right wood, cut, and saw help to create your flower bed.

Building Straight from Scratch

If you’re the type that just wants to create a custom size or get some real confidence in knowing you can build something, this works best for you. Pick the lumber you want to use and begin the process. You make it 8 feet long and 4 feet wide. Find out the number of timbers this makes up. A few materials you’ll need includes: a saw, pencil, and tape measure. Having the right measurements will help you get your cut dead in the center. Additionally, you’ll need nails and a hammer. If you plan to screw stuff down, get a drill and 4-inch screws.  It’s wise to put the weed cloth down first before you begin the flower bed building. Layer all your lumber for your bed carefully.  Make sure everything is connected with different stagger cuts and pieces that fit. Once you get your bed together with the proper measurements and cuts, you can actually put your favorite soil mix into the bed. Remember to always read the instruction manual carefully in regard to using specific tools. Whether you have a set already built or you do it from scratch, you have options to get your raised flower bed installed.