Good Steps to Water and Fertilize Your Lawn

Keeping a healthy lawn is just a part of creating a great homefront. Your lawn is like the carpet for your outside, you need to properly maintain it in order to really give your home a well-groomed look. In the summer time, a freshly cut lawn certainly stands out because of the way the sun reflects off your home. Also, it’s a good sign of a neat house. It shows you care about the exterior and interior of your humble abode. Here are some steps to help you water and fertilize your lawn.

Taking Steps to Properly Water Your Home

People think that 15 minutes with a little sprinkler everyday is good for watering your lawn. That’s not necessarily the case. You need to give your lawn at least about an hour of water every 3-4 days. This way the water seeps down into the ground. The water needs to be absorbed by the roots of the grass. You don’t want your grass looking completely dried out. A good way to keep track of the water is by logging it in a journal. You can also log in details of when you get heavy rainfall. This way you can water a bit lightly the next day or so. Watering your lawn is just a part of the solution; it’s time to fertilize.

Fertilizing Your Ground

First of all, it’s important to find the right fertilizer. Certain fertilizers have a tendency to kind of burn the grass. A good fertilizer to get is something like an organic top dressing. This will help prevent your grass from burning out when you spread your fertilizer down. Additionally, it’ll act as a good build for your soil. In addition to great fertilizing, you’ll find that the organisms in the grass get a lot of benefits. When you plant or fertilize more naturally, this enrichs your soil. During hot months, this comes in handy because you won’t have your lawn looking drought ridden. You’ll have a more lush look that certainly adds a beautiful touch to the exterior of your home.

Why Should You Spot Seed?

Your grass won’t look perfect all of the time. Sometimes you’ll run into bad patches. To help make this process easier, you can fluff up the soil by using a bull rake or a cultivator, and then work the grass seed into that and water it regularly. It’s important to fill up the bad patches with good fertilization and watering it to keep your lawn looking great through the summer time. Healthy growth definitely makes a difference in the way your lawn looks and feels. Even if you have a guy that mows your lawn and waters it, you still should check it from time to time just to ensure that it gets the best treatnent possible. Get recommendations for your fertilizer from a home improvement store so you know exactly how to treat your lawn. They will let you know good ways to water it, treat it during winter and summer, and give it the right nutrients to stay beautiful.