Good Tips to Help Pet Owners Save Energy

Pets can be a bit pricey to take care of especially when you add fees like a dog house, dentist trips, vet trips, and general upkeep. Additionally, certain resources require more electric use. It’s like adding on another couple of bills. Pets need to stay warm and cool just like humans. You have to be considerate of how they react to the change in climate. You can be smart with how you use your energy to provide a stable environment for your little critters. Here are some good tips to help pet owners save energy.

Setting the Right Temperature for Your Pet

This is a big one. Of course, you care about the well being of your pet. That goes without saying. However, that doesn’t mean you need to keep your A/C or heat on full blast just for comfort purposes. It’s a waste of energy and really eats into your electricity budget.  The best thing is finding a middle ground which works with the temperature base of a pet.  For example, your dog would be fine with the thermostat set to 68 during the winter; summer should be set to around 78. This will not only ensure that your pet isn’t freezing in the home, but you won’t create an even bigger expense when it’s time to pay your electric bill.

Don’t Waste Your Energy on Light

While you feel that you need the lights  on so your pets can see, they operate much differently than humans. A dog or cat has better eyesight than the average human. They don’t need artificial light to function. Besides, they thrive on nature’s light and dark schedule.  Don’t go wasting your money and energy by keeping the lights on all day. You’ll see that by keeping the lights off, you’ll save a lot of money. Natural light is good enough for your pet to move around the home. When it’s time to go to bed at nighttime, they have an internal clock and connection to nature that will leave them content.

Leave the TV off and Make Sure Your Door is Tightly Sealed

Instead of using the TV  to entertain your pet, have some of its favorite toys around. They can keep themselves occupied until you get home to interact. Leaving the TV on not only makes it burn out faster, but it eats through your electricity as well. You’ll be surprised by with an insane bill when your pet might be concerned with holding a ball and chewing on his favorite toy.  Additionally, you need to keep the pet door tightly secured. If you have a pet that likes to go to the yard for a bit to get fresh air while you’re away, it’s a good idea to keep the pet door secure. This way you don’t use a lot of energy during the cold and warm months. Having certain cracks or leaks will only cause your HVAC unit to pour out more energy.  These are just a few tips to help you conserve energy in your home more efficiently.