How To Choose Healthy Garden Plants

If you are not starting your garden from seed, it is important to pick out healthy plants that will thrive in your garden. There are some tips that you can follow to help you pick out healthy garden plants.

Overall appearance
The first thing to do when you are in the nursery to choose your plants is to take in the overall appearance of the plants in the nursery. Do they look healthy and well taken care off? If not, do not purchase your plants from that nursery. Go to another place.

Condition of the plant
Take note of the over the overall condition of the plant. Are the leaves green and shiny or are they browning and wilting? Are the stems rotten or are there multiple strong stems? Are the stems strong or do they have cracks or show visible signs that they have been damaged? Are there dead heads or flowers on the plants or are there a lot of blooms about to open? Keep in mind that plants that are about to bloom transplant better than plants that are already in bloom.

Sick plants
It is important to check the plants for insects and disease. Not only do you not want to purchase a plant that it is sick, you do not want to introduce diseases and insects to the rest of your garden. Some indications that the plant may be infected with a disease or insects are holes in the plants, areas that have turned black and spots that are not part of the color of the plant. Make sure to check the soil as well for pests.

The roots
Do not forget to take a look of the roots of the plants if at all possible. Roots that are coming out of the pots are indicators that the plant may be under some stress. It does not necessary mean that these plants are unhealthy; it just means that they will require time to recover from the stress of being in a too small of a pot. If there are very little in the way of roots, this may be an indicator that they are not ready to be planted in a garden. When looking at trees and shrubs that have a root ball, take a moment to feel the root ball. It should feel like a solid ball. If you feel pieces or it does not feel like a solid ball, you may want to skip purchasing it.

Weeds in the pots
Consider skipping plants that already have weeds. Not only are the weeds taking away food from the plant, but weeds are also an indicator that the plant was not taken care of in the manner that it should have been. You will have plenty of opportunity to weed your garden, you need not purchase them.

A plant that you just have to have
If this is the case, then purchase it. A little bit of love can do wonders for a garden plant.