How To Create More Storage Space When Organizing Your Bathroom

Getting into a comfortable routine in the morning can help in enhancing the mood for the entire day, however when the bathroom is in total disarray it can change a serene morning to a disorienting one. Most people describe their bathrooms as tiny; this actually refers to a situation where the bathroom has little or no space for storing items. This often leads to them looking for ways of how to create more storage space when organizing your bathroom. Here are some of the techniques I have found of creating an extra space in the bathroom.

Over Toilet Storage

This is one of the simplest ways of maximizing storage space by having a shelving unit that fits the upper side or top of your toilet. The base of this item usually fits to most standard toilet fixtures and you will be able to get some space, you can look for one that has two spaces for toilet paper dispensers or one that has storage towers to put the extra rolls or towels. Here you can connect an extra unit on top to add two more shelves that you can put makeup items, soaps, shaving materials among other bathroom essentials. Creating more space over the toilet storage increases space drastically and you can utilize the exposed shelves for decoration purposes.

Expandable Under Sink Shelf

The space under the sink may seem like a good place for storage, however in most cases the plumbing gets in the way of shelf installation. Nevertheless you can maximize expandable units to solve the problem because they have removable panels that allow you to maneuver around the pipes. Two shelves on the solid steel unit have removable panels that fit under the sink comfortably without much hassle. The expandable form allows you to have plenty of space for bath products, washcloths, tissues, cosmetics among other items.

Corner Basket

The corner basket is a perfect solution to people looking for creative ways of creating more storage space when organizing the bathroom. These baskets can be the perfect location to hold all your shampoos, soaps, razors, lotions and creams.

Hotel Towel Shelf

Another common feature in bathrooms is a place to put all the towels, most bathrooms have a single rod to hang towels; however, this becomes difficult if you have multiple towels or you live with other people. Space may be inadequate and the towels may not dry properly which can cause mold or bad smells. Obtaining a multiple rod is essential in giving you more space to dry all your towels with ease and comfort ability.

Stand-alone shelving

This is another method of creating more space, there are stand-alone racks that have hollow tubes, light and are sturdy. The three-chromed bars allow you to hang the towels with ease and ensure they reach the desired dryness.

There are also space saving dispensers that can hold multiple items and save a lot of space, all you need to do is to put the item on the dispenser and squeeze at the bottom when needed.

Once you get your bathroom organized the way you want it, it will be easy to maintain. Using these ideas you should have more than enough storage space even if your bathroom is very small. These are all ways you can create more storage space when organizing your bathroom.