How To Decorate A Boys Bedroom


When decorating a boy’s room, you want to start with a simple theme. If they are old enough to have some interests start with that whether it is cars, trucks, or animals. The theme should be something that can grow with them. Once the theme is decided, next pick a color. It does not have to be the traditional blue for boys but with the amount of different shades of blues available, it is not a bad color to work with. Remember the room needs to be fun and allow the child to have some input as well, it is their room after all.

Step one
The first step in decorating a boy’s room is to choice the wall coverings. The wallpaper is going to be the focal point of the room. You may want to consider covering one wall with chalkboard paint. This would be a safe place for your child to have a creative outlet. Also when choosing wallpaper, make sure that you can wipe it off if it gets dirty.

Step two
Next is to pick a carpet for the room. Carpets are nice for a child’s room because they spend a lot of time sitting on the floor playing. It is also nice for their bare feet. Select a carpet that is neutral in color and you will not need to worry about it becoming outdated.

Step three
The window treatments are also important. Fabrics with prints with accent colors make for fun curtains and shades. This is also a great way to bring other colors into the bedroom.

Step four
If the child’s bed has a headboard, cover it with a matching stripe fabric. Stripe fabrics are consider neutral in nature and make a wonder choice for a headboard. The rest of the bedding can be white or light shade of blue or a pattern to bring the theme together. As for decorative pillows, take one or more of the accent colors used in the window treatments to make the pillows for the bed. If there are chairs in the room, consider making accent pillows for them as well.

Step five
Do not forget about lighting. Cover lamp shades in fabrics too match. Make sure there is appropriate lighting for reading as well as for playing. The brighter and more inviting the room seems, the more likely the child is going to want to be in their room to play.

Step six
If the child is still little, you may want to think about decorating the ceiling as well. If you are going with a car and truck theme, consider hanging some cool cars and trucks from the ceiling. Glow in the dark stars and planets make for a fun ceiling too.

No matter what theme or color you decide your boy’s room, it is important to keep it simple and not overcrowd it with things that they do not need. You want there room to be fun but functional.