How to Maximize Storage in a Small Bathroom

When it comes to a small bathroom, it can be a bit difficult to store your items. I mean, if you can simply touch both sides of the bathroom by stretching, then you probably think that easy storage is not possible. However, you can always find a loophole in the mix to give you what you need. There are a number of fail proof items that will help you store and organize even in the tiniest of bathrooms. Here’s how you can maximize your store in a small bathroom.

Start by Filling an Unused Corner with a Tall Cabinet

If you have an open space with decent room especially length wise, a good cabinet will certainly help you out. You can use the cabinet to store clear containers. This will help you organize everything together and you can see what’s going on. You don’t need a king-sized bathroom just to store everything. It’s all about using your space efficiently. Get rid of all the clutter and simply find a spot where you can store it all. Open shelves help to keep your toiletries on display. This makes it better to just grab and go when needed.

Get the Right Labeling

Once you’ve succeeded in getting your cabinet together and put off to a corner where it’s convenient,  you can begin to customize the containers. Use different lettering that stands out so you know exactly what’s inside. Some people tend to take a picture and post it to the front. This way they have a visual so they know exactly what they are about to open.  You can easily take a photo from your phone or camera and then do a print out. Tape it to the front of the container and even label that with a marker.  This is a perfect way that you don’t miss out on your items. Sometimes, these items can get stuck and you have trouble finding things. By labeling it, it keeps things organized so you create a habit of putting it where it’s marked.

Put Your Hairstyling Tools in One Place and Towels on a Hook

You can keep all of your hairstyling tools organized in plastic door packets for a more custom feel. Also, you can choose to have a row of hooks beneath your window as a way to hang up towels. Your vanity should be used to hold extra towels and toilet paper. Get a basket that will fit right on the shelf so that it’s easy to access. Even if you have a tight fitting shelf under the sink, it’s still a great place to store other toiletries that won’t fit on your cabinet. Store your extra shampoo, soap, and other things related to the bathroom down there. With the right planning and organization, you can really take advantage of your small bathroom. You won’t have to worry about clutter when you properly label and store your items by maximizing space. Keep this in mind when you begin to find a better way to create storage options in your bathroom.