How To Use Patio Cleaner

Outdoor spaces are not only important as selling points for a property, they are also one of the most important areas within a property for spending time and enjoying parties and events. However, one area that is often ignored by homeowners is the cleaning of a patio to make sure it is in pristine condition throughout the year and always available for entertaining whilst it looks its best. Cleaning a patio is something that can be done on a regular basis and can be done for little cost and fit into any weekend maintenance routine for a property.

There are many products and chemicals on the market that are designed and advertised as the best and most efficient way of removing stains and successfully cleaning a patio. However, many of us are becoming increasingly concerned about the chemicals and products we use around our children and pets, meaning we do not want to use powerful chemicals on our homes to clean them and keep them as clean and fresh as possible. Some traditional forms of cleaning are often seen as the best for a patio area that is looking a little tired and worn as the Summer season comes to an end or has been in full swing throughout the warmer months.

The first step in cleaning a patio is a simple one that is often ignored by many property owners, simply sweep the patio clear of debris that may have collected over the course of days, weeks or even months. The patio is an outdoor space and may see a large amount of leaves, twigs and other organic matter move onto the patio as the wind blows or storms hit a region. It is important to remember that moving patio furniture is the first step in making sure all organic matter is removed, stacking chairs and tables in a corner of the patio or indoors as the cleaning takes place makes it easier to ensure a thorough cleaning takes place.

Once swept the homeowner should then take a few minutes to look around their patio and identify any areas where weeds and grasses have begun to grow through the cracks or gaps in the paving stones that may have occurred. Using a knife or screwdriver and being extremely careful not to hurt oneself the weeds and grasses should be carefully lifted out of the cracks and gaps to make sure the patio looks its best at all times.

Instead of using harsh chemicals on the patio, the best option used by many household repair experts is to simply borrow, rent or buy a pressure washer for a short period of time to clean the surface of the patio. Pressure washing removes the top layer of grime and dirt without the need for chemicals or harsh cleaning products. Not only is this healthier for the residents of the home, but it can also protect the environment by reducing the amount of dangerous material passing into the water table and drainage system.