Learn How to Seal Outlets to Save Money

While outlets are great for allowing you to tap into electricity, they can also provide an adverse effect to your home. These outlets can be one of the reasons why your electricity bill runs sky high due to air leaking through your home. Outlets also can be the reason why you lose heat in the winter and cool air in the summer time. This waste in energy will only make your bills increase with time. Here are some ways to seal your outlets and save you money.

Finding the Problem

Take a look to see if there are holes in the outlets and anything behind your outlet’s faceplates. Plugging your outlets up with insulation and sealing will certainly help you save. In many cases, you’ll see that there’s no insulation in the gaps. You can pick up a foam gasket to fit around your outlet the best. You can pick one up for typically a dollar or a little more. To help you with insulation, all you really need is a screwdriver and a gasket to help you tighten things up around your outlet. This is perfect for locking in air so it doesn’t escape and you end up using more energy that can affect your electric bill.

Getting the Right Measurement

It goes without saying that not all outlets are created equal. You might have an outlet that has one plug-in or even up to three depending on where you live. You need to shop for the right size to help cover things up. That’s why it’s important to measure the size before you leave to go find a good cover/insulation. Whether you use a gasket, foam insulation or a caulk, be careful to turn off the power breakers at the circuit box. You want to prevent a safety hazard from occurring because shocks could arise from working on your outlets. After you unscrew the cover, add the insulation or caulk to help seal things tightly.

Other Tips to Help Save Money

You ever seen a safety plug for your babies so they don’t end up messing with an outlet? This not only works to help keep your babies from getting shocked, but the safety plugs save energy. When you don’t use a particular outlet, just put in a safety plug to help keep in extra air so it doesn’t get out. This prevents your outlets from absorbing outside temperatures. A lot of outlet covers can be easily removed. With this in mind, you can cover up the outlet yourself or use insulation for a simple project at home. You may think that you have turned on the lights way too much or you have your A/C up too high, but the key is actually covering your outlets. A home that’s improperly insulated uses a lot more energy. This isn’t just for your door or piping but the outlets, too. Keep that in mind so you can prevent drafts from entering your home. This way you can get your energy bill to a more manageable level.